Today, May You Attract all that belongs to you by divine right. Everything in your life is attracted to you by thoughts, visions, and actions. What you think about, pray about and rehearse will come to you. Be mindful of your words, thoughts and actions because you attract those things. We must always allow our words to line up with God’s word, and not our feelings. Often times, we speak about our situation and not our God and his plans. Today, be mindful of God’s perfect plans and attributes. I declare that everything that belongs to you and me shall come perfectly, and it shall come now with no delay. Attract your good, and all that belongs to you by your divine right! Blessings, & Favor is your position and God will line up how it gets done, his plans are perfect. Make him famous and attract all God’s goodness!

” I affirm That All That Belongs To Me Comes Now, Perfectly and in God’s divine order ! So Let It Be Done Unto Me!