Divine Encounters

I remember going to an event that I volunteered to attend with a friend. I was a little late for my volunteer position, and when I got to the building I needed direction. The person at the desk advised me to go directly to the 12th floor, and I would see the room. While on the 12th floor, I realized that I had walked into a VIP book signing event with the guest speaker. The book signing was small and intimate and everyone including me had on the same colors. I asked if they needed help with anything, and they said enjoy yourself and grab a bite to eat. I suddenly realized after speaking with a few of the women that I was in the VIP session. This is what I call a divine encounter from God. Before, I even became a published author God placed me in a room with VIP’S to speak with the guest speaker about her book & experiences in writing her book. This is what I truly call a divine encounter it was no one but God that allowed me to be in that room at the right time and the right place. The rest of the event all I could think about was how great God is. I was truly blessed by this volunteer experience that was truly a Divine Encounter from God. He truly was preparing me for what was to come. God is truly an intentional God, and his ways and thoughts are always greater and higher than ours. When God places a divine encounter in your life you know it is him. The timing, place, and meeting all line up with his plans and purpose. God will place each of us in the right place, and directly at the right time. He already has plans for you to be in rooms your feel hasn’t even entered yet. Continue to speak your purpose and promise into the Now, and the sequence of events will line up with his will and plans. Expect the unexpected, and get rid to land in the room of divine encounters. Be Blessed!


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