We have come to a place in time where the Earth is endangered, our communities, school systems, black men, & leading a normal life has changed. God is trying to tell us something right now. We have to be open to listen to the what God is saying to us in this season. God is speaking from heaven, and is giving us time to get our lives together. Let’s hear the voice of God build our immune systems, communities, and our families that they are strong enough to withstand the world views. We do not belong to this world we are spiritual beings that are in a body. We don’t belong to ourselves, but we belong to the father. We are here on Earth to live and walk in purpose and glorify God’s perfect plan. He is preparing us as vessels to be used for his glory in this season. He is awakening us to be aware of that something is off in the Earth realm. He will be using his vessels to bring his direct words to the atmosphere so that everyone will know he is the only living and true God. We must know that his hand is at work on Earth, and as vessels we must speak what he is telling us in this season!


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