Christmas is a man-made holiday to celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ. We should celebrate everyday with acts of kindness, love, and carry around the joy of the Lord with us. Oftentimes, many things cause us to hold grudges, and cause us to have un-forgiveness. It is time for us to look to our father and resemble his ways. We must cutoff any harsh feelings and division that have come between us and others. We must open our hearts to love freely and forgive, this is an act that allows us to be free and right with the father. Just as he forgives us, we must forgive others. It doesn’t mean things go back exactly how they were before, but it does mean that we can open our hearts to love and find peace again. There is a purpose in the pain, and all things will wok for good to those who trust and believe his word. Forgive, love, and open yourselves up this season to spread love, kindness and cheer to those you love and in need

Be Blessed!


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