God is Still God During Famine

I am an avid dreamer. The other night i was dreaming that I was on a flight, and traveling abroad somewhere. It seems that on the flight tickets, luggage, money and many things were lost. During the dream, i noticed that God was showing me things to come. He was showing pictures of famine, concentration camps and how travel would become dangerous and difficult in the future. It seemed like the travel was abroad and I remember Africa and California for some reason. God showed that many would be captured in travel, and identities and bank information would be stolen as well. I just want to encourage everyone today to stay rooted in God and know that when you seek him he is always there. We must stay in prayer and his presence in the upcoming months ahead and years. God is still God, and his word says that we would see things happening, but it would not affect his own. We are disciples of Christ and he is faithful to those who diligently seek him and seek after his knowing. Know that God is for you, and he will protect and keep you even in famine and wilderness times.

Stay Blessed


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