Our Father Will Fill The Well

The Samaritan woman at the well is a figure from John 4:4-26. Jesus has a conversation with the woman at the well as she is drawing water. Jesus then asks the woman for a drink. She doesn’t realize who Jesus is but she is willing to give him a drink. The Samaritan woman didn’t know that Jesus would in turn give her so much more. He starts to reveal to her her innermost secrets, and she understands that this is a man of power & authority. As the lady received the word of God, and received and believed. She was open to receive fully from Jesus the rivers of living water. She became the well and the inside of her began to open up to purpose. She gratefully glorified God and was activated to inspire, teach and tell others the greatness of God. Our father knows how to get our attention, and he knows the right words and moment to fill our well, so we are activated to carry out his plans. We must believe and be obedient and willing, but if we are God will unlock doors, and our temples will be overflowing as living wells. Lord, fill our temples with your waters and guide us according to your perfect plans. He is the author, and the well of life.


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