Specific Blessings

God is doing some great and specific things in this season. You have waited a long time for the blessing, but God is giving you the best of the best. He is granting you the response to your prayers and your declarations. In this next season, God is going to make things that you have prayed for line up with your thinking and his word. The doors that were once closed and needs to open will open up. The door that need to be shut will shut because you deserve greater. This season is all about praises, belief, and getting what God has for you. No matter what is going on around you, God can still prosper you in this season. The pandemic doesn’t stop God, he is still working. God is working and moving on your behalf. God is positioning us to walk in alignment for what has been stored for us in this significant season. Significant things come to pass, and what you have prayed for will happen and manifest now. Look to God and ask for specific things, and unusual favor and blessings will come forth as you prepare! Unlock your blessings with your word!

Significant Blessings COME NOW!


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