Spiritual Wars

One of the biggest wars we face besides police brutality, black on black crime etc are spiritual wars from higher places and within. We face doubt, unbelief, low self-esteem & worry. We have to daily renew our minds with the word of God. We must trust that God has already placed within us everything that we need to win. He is a good and awesome father, and he wants for us to prosper in the end. He has not hidden purpose from us but for us. Within us is a Jewel that is our money-maker, our purpose, and our power that comes from above. I recall my late Apostle, Apostle Martin would say stay away from doubt like dope.” You are equipped for everything purpose entails, who you are and who you shall become. Let’s win together and pursue God and his perfect plans. God is the ruler and has provided the authority for us to win! We are equipped with authority and that authority comes from our mouth, actions, and belief in him.


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