The Mechanic

Everyone has had a car that has broken down, and needed a mechanic one time or another. It is very frustrating, and sometimes very costly. We have our very own full service mechanic for our spiritual needs. Everything that is inside of us was created by the Elohim, and is a perfect design that is to be used for your purpose. God’s hands mold us and shape us so our lives reflect his creation. Whatever needs to be worked on within God will take cleanse, heal and deliver to glorify his name. He doesn’t just fix what we think needs to be fixed, but he heals us of insecurities, and other needs we are unaware of. He has already qualified us to be used for his glory, but sometimes we get clogged with life. Many things get attached to us, and causes us to lose hope and not begin to doubt. We can call the full service mechanic at anytime, and he has the power to do a complete overhaul to our house. He created our bodies as temples of the Spirit. Within each of us lives a powerful Jewel that is waiting to be unleashed! The Elohim has the perfect design for our life, and his purpose is to prosper us and provide hope and a divine future. Today, seek his presence and let the mechanic place you back together again.


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