Unlocking Blessings

Heaven is looking to be brought down to Earth. God uses us as vessels to bring heaven to the Earth realm. We must unlock the blessings, and the word of God so it can be activated to Earth. Often times, in our own lives we feel stuck, smothered or like life is taking over and it gets hard. Trust me we all feel this way at times. This is actually the time when we must buckle down and pray more. We must get with others and get in agreement with God’s word over our life. Many times our prayers are heard, but we are not praying what needs to be prayed. God is trying to fill us with what we need, but we become clogged and drained. We need a re-boost, and that comes from fasting and praying. We need to fast to open up our pipes to begin to hear God, receive the word, and be in oneness with God’s spirit. When things seem to be delayed and stagnant, we have to take action and pray and fast. Some things are only moved by fasting and praying.(Matthew 7:21) We have the keys to activate the blessing, but we must unlock our minds and bodies to receive more. Unlock your blessings and seek his will for your life.

Be Blessed!


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